Direct Reading Flow Hood

The Direct Reading Flow Hood is our central instrument because of its accurate and repeatable measurement of air inlet and outlet capacities. It has a detachable, electronic micromanometer that measures pressure differentials to four digits and when attached to a pitot tube, velocity grid or air foil, it measures lineal air speed.

Digital Tachometer

We have both digital and analog tachometers that are used to measure rotation on fans, motors and pumps. They are so precise that they measure the 60Hz frequency of a florescent light bulb

Electronic Digital Anemometer

This instrument is used to test fume hoods in scientific laboratories per ASHRAE Standard 110-1995. It provides both continuous or averaged flow readings.

Rotating Vane Anemometer

The Davis 4" Rotating Vane Anemometer is extensively used to test sidewall register and exhaust inlet registers.

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Our portable, Ultrasonic Flowmeter allows us to test actual flows of hydronic systems using a non-invasive device. The sensors are strapped onto pipes filled with fresh water, seawater or glycol. Field applications include older systems that have no flow sensors installed, monitoring systems for trends and peak usage over time, as well as detecting unknown bypass connections, reversed piping, plugged strainers and improperly sized piping, valves, etc.

ASHRAE 110 Tracer Gas Test

As part of an ASHRAE 110 performance test for chemical fume hoods, a Manikin is used to simulate a lab user.  We perform full smoke, velocity, and tracer gas testing in accordance with ASHRAE 110-1995.